Pawan Kalyan Kakinada Speech, Seemandhrula Atma Gourava Sabha

Telugu Movie Star Pawan Kalyan Kakinada Speech: Powerstar Pawan Kalyan Seemandhrula Self-Respecting Meeting at Kakinada Hope his fans and Andhra Pradesh people will make valuable this meeting Pawan Kalyan to address ‘Seemandhrula Atmagourava Sabha’ at Kakinada JNTUK Grounds on September 9, 2016. Janasena party president Pawan Kalyan proclaimed Party was meeting about AP Special status on his at first meeting Tirupati. Janatha Prasthanam started, and enough oversaw meeting around all applauded open get-togethers in Andhra Pradesh.

Pawan Kalyan Kakinada Speech Live Pawan Kalyan self-with respect to meeting JNTU grounds live spilling Pawan Kalyan full Speech open here as they say. Pioneer Pawan Kalyan allowed this moment is just a begin set out to get amazing status we foresee Andhra Pradesh. We decidedly get AP Special Status. AP TDP, Congress, YSRCP Party pioneers may oblige this unbelievable getting and keep together to Pawan Kalyan on Special status issue got all the huge support for this session Police Division, Security office other than reinforced to a meeting.

After bifurcation Telangana from Andhra Pradesh. The central government announced remarkable status for Andhra Pradesh while BJP Participated in the fight procedure for 2016 choices. Andhra Pradesh in 1990’s by the political, get-togethers TDP; YSCRP Congress may join with Pawan Kalyan. Raise your voice. Police office starting late released excepted information, figure Roadmap as showed by sources information around 3 Lakh – 4 Lakh people went to for this Kakinada meeting. Next meeting will stay driven at Bhimavaram. It will be reported power from the Kakinada meeting. We have sat tight for power attestation with respect to next meeting Place.